Learning by playing in Punto México Conectado
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This program is a serious alternative to prevent school dropout and promote innovation among children.

In Mexico nearly 40 percent of children do not complete secondary education, which has become an issue when trying to face the educational and technological challenges. However, programs like Punto México Conectado are implementing educational activities that increase student’s interest in learning.

Among the beneficiaries of this Federal Government program are 2,623 children who have had the opportunity to learn about Internet and Robotics with no extra cost. 

The classes offered at these centers allow children and young people between 8 and 13 years of age to create their own prototypes and develop new ideas. Puntos México Conectado provides theoretical and practical knowledge that enchance their skills to improve their projects.

According to the Harvard’s University professor, Fernando M. Reimers, acquiring digital knowledge is, now-a-days, a fundamental skill in education. More important than what is taught, is its emphasis on applied knowledge to solve specific social problems. In Puntos México Conectado students learn by playing. Carlos Alberto Guzman, one of these Program’s instructors, shared that while many people find physics boring it can become entertaining for kids, depending on the teaching technique used.

This weekend, 1,400 children will gather in Puntos México Conectado across the country to participate in a robotics competition. The competition will award 40 of these children with a trip to Silicon Valley, United States, considered by many the capital of technology, "At the end not everything has to be about robotics, any opportunity to learn outside of school can change a child's story", says Reimers.

Punto México Conectado has launched last February as part of the México Conectado Program, which provides public buildings and spaces with high-speed Internet to contribute to the constitutional right to access information technologies, including wide bandwith. 

Children learn playing at the Puntos México Conectado